Mold Design

Use UG design Mold 3d, Choose the most reasonable injection place, runner type,ejector structure etc.

Mold Manufacture

We use WEDM, EMD,CNC processing out complete structure of mold component

Injection Molding

We provide plastic injection molding, painting, UV, Silkscreen after molding parts out

About Us

Shenzhen JWJ is established at 2013, we are focus in producing plastic injection mold,plastic injection molding; We provide best mold design, mold manufacture, injection molding and assemble service for all customer.

Our Experiences

Plastic Mold Design------10 years
Plastic Mold Manufacture------10 years
Plastic Injection Molding------8 years
New product development-----3years
Silkscreen and Painting---3 Years

Get Your Free Mold Quotation

    • Email to us, will get quotation in 48 hours,
  • Will provide detail quotation and give professional product design improve suggestion.

Get Your Free Mold DFM

  • If customer wanna cooperate with us,
  • professional Mold DFM can provide for you check
    Use Mold flow to check each structure in mold design whether have damage, if have, will improve

Injection Mold Design and Manufacture


We use HaiTian,ZhengXiong,CLF brand injection molding machine, own an very professional technical team to insurance each plastic part without missing material, without step,without stress mark, control best quality. We can molding PC,ABS,PC+ABS,PA66+30GF,PP,PET,PS,HIPS,SAN,ESP,LDPE,
HDPE,LDPE,PMMA,POM,PA6,PA12 etc plastic parts

Why Choose JWJ?

  • 1. Delivery in Time
  • 2. Reliable Quality
  • 3. Customer First

Quality First & Integrity Focused

To build an international brand company image

Build International Brand Company ,We always put our customer’s satisfy at first, improve our quality and service always, try best to afford customer requirement, to be the most satisfied supplier of customer